The agricultural industry is an important strategic sector of the region`s economy, which ensures food security and employment for rural residents. The available land of the region is 1392.7 thousand ha, of which 630.5 thousand ha are occupied by agricultural land, including 397.2 thousand ha of arable land.

  • 1392,7 thousand hectares available land of the region
  • 630,5 thousand hectares are occupied by agricultural land

In general, 861 agricultural enterprises, of which 544 farms and almost 260 thousand private farms, work in the agricultural sector of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

  • 861 agricultural enterprises
  • 260 thousand private farms

Agricultural products, worth UAH 6.1 billion (UAH 3 billion per crop farming and cattle breeding) are produced in the agricultural sector of the region. In terms of production per 100 ha of agricultural land, the region occupies a leading position among the regions of Ukraine.

In recent years the agricultural sector has been steadily increasing its agricultural output. Farmers have been harvesting the largest grain crops for three consecutive years. The gross harvest of vegetables was also increased – 177.6 thousand tons, which is 3.4 thousand tons more than the corresponding period of the previous year, fruits and berries – 60.7 thousand tons (9.6 thousand tons more), soybeans – 88.6 thousand tons (23.4 thousand tons more).

All categories of farms per year produced 129.8 thousand tons of meat (implemented for slaughtering farm animals in their real weight), which is 5.1 thousand tons more than in the previous year, 441.5 thousand tons of milk, 423.0 million pieces of eggs.

91 agricultural service cooperatives operate in the region to provide farmers with land cultivation, harvesting, harvesting vegetables, fruits, meat and milk.

Thanks to attracting investments in the region, projects are being implemented to create new and reconstruct existing production facilities of agricultural enterprises:

  • A company with foreign investments - Goodvalley Ukraine LLC ( continues the construction of a production workshop of mixed feed and silos for storage of grain for 35,000 m? in the village of Tustan, Halych district.
  • Farm enterprise "Perseus – Agro" in the village of Chesnyky of Rohatyn district has put into operation the first stage of a modern cattle-breeding complex for keeping 2000 heads of cattle from milking and dairy blocks.
  • Private enterprise agricultural firm "Vilkhivtsi" in Horodenka continues construction of the third stage of grain elevator with a capacity of 47 thousand tons of grain. the total capacity of the elevator is 122 thousand tons.
  • Farm "Eco Berry" implements an investment project for growing, storing and processing organic berry products in the region (strawberries, raspberries, honeysuckle, black currant). The farm uses drip irrigation for growing strawberries, they are also planning the construction of a facility for freezing fruits and berries, which will use a tunnel freezer, with production and processing lines also.

The largest agricultural enterprises of the Precarpathian region, which have a significant share in the total gross production of agricultural products, are: Goodvalley Ukraine LLC ( (operates in the field of pig breeding, grain and industrial crops cultivation and renewable energy), Rosan-Agro LLC ( (in the pig industry), private agricultural enterprise "Ridna Zemlia", Farm "Potochishche", Farm "Perseus Agro", Farm "Prometheus", LLC Agro-Industrial firm "Rodnik Plus" and Hrushevsky Agricultural Production Cooperative (in the field of dairy cattle), Farms "Tiblevich" and "Toro" (in the field of beef cattle), branch "Gorodenka poultry farm" Private Research and production company "Interbusiness", branch "Rogatyn poultry farm" Private Research and production company "Interbusiness", branch "Avangard" PJSC "Agroholding Avangard" (in the field of poultry), branch "Perspective" of PJSC "Grain Products MHP", LLC "Zapad-Agro MHP" and LLC "Stern Agro" (engaged in growing grain and industrial crops), Private Enterprise "Aronia" and "Stepan Melnychuk" (active in the field of gardening) and many others.