Woodworking industry

The major products of the wood processing industry include chipboard and fibreboard, sawn timber, wooden containers, joinery products, jointed glued boards, parquetry, veneer sheets, paper bags, envelopes, etc.

The separated division of the LLC Swiss Krono" (http://www.swisskrono.ua) is one of the largest producers of chipboard and decorative parquet (laminating film).

LLC "Uniplyt" (http://uniplyt.com.ua) – is an industry leader in the production of fibreboard, plywood and sawn timber. The company exports its products to more than 20 countries.

CBM "Osmoloda" Ltd, Nadvirna Subsidiary of Swisspan Limited, LLC "Viva Decor", LLC "Solid Ukraine", Private Enterprise "Syvulia" and other companies are famous wood processing enterprises.