Foreign Investments

Ivano-Frankivsk region has taken a leading position in the investment attractiveness rating of Ukrainian regions over recent years. The region ranks 5th in Ukraine according to the amount of foreign investment per resident.

Total amount of foreign direct investments (share capital) in the region’s economy reached USD 858.7 million, that amounted USD 625.6 per resident.

Investments came from non-residents from 52 countries internationally. High priority place in the investment into the economy of Ivano-Frankivsk region belongs to the countries of European Union. USD 789.6 million was invested by EU countries, USD 69.1 million - by other countries.

Breakdown of investments by origin

Industrial enterprises remain attractive for foreign investors, who have invested USD 648 million.

Foreign direct investments by economic activities

Major enterprises with foreign investments

A number of new production capacities have been recently constructed or technologically updated in the region as a result of successful cooperation with foreign investors: production of automatic washing machines (LLC "Electrolux Ukraine"), production of parquetry and glued wooden boards (LLC "Solid Ukraine"), production of paper envelopes (LLC "Kuvert Ukraine") in Ivano-Frankivsk; production of electric cables for motor cars (LLC "LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH") in Kolomyia; production of chlorine and caustic soda, suspension polyvinyl chloride (LLC "Karpatnaftokhim"), production of tafting covering (LLC "Sintelon UA"), production of plastic pipes (LLC "Kalush Pipe Plant"), production of ferro-concrete structures (LLC "3 Betony"), production of linoleum (LLC "Tarkett Vinisin"), production of wallpapers (LLC "Syntra") in Kalush; production of wire products based on a cold welding technology (LLC "Dana Metal Ukraine") in Tysmenytsia district; production of laminated chipboard in Broshniv division of LLC "Krono Ukraine"; operational commissioning of cattle-breeding complexes, grain storage elevators and a 1.1 MW biogas plant by LLC "Goodvalley Ukraine", the solar power plant "Bohorodchanska-1" and many other facilities.

Main foreign investors

Priority spheres for investment

  • Alternative energy and energy-saving technologies
  • Information technology
  • Industry: machine industry, chemical industry, wood processing industry, light industry
  • Agriculture, food processing industry
  • Tourism and recreation sector