Economic potential

The economy of the region is well-balanced. This is proved by the structure of the gross value added:

  • 14,4% Agriculture and forestry
  • 12,4% Processing industry
  • 11,6% Trade
  • 8,2% Real estate operations
  • 8,1% Electricity, water, steam supply
  • 7,5% Education
  • 7,2% Mining industry and quarry operation
  • 6,4% Transport
  • 6,4% Governance and defense, social insurance
  • 4,5% Construction
  • 3,6% Healthcare
  • 2,9% Finance and insurance

Industry – is one of key sectors of the oblast`s economy. It accounts for 2% of the gross value added generated by the Ukrainian industry.

Industrial enterprises employing about 43,000 people, which is 22,4% of all employed residents of the region, in 2018 sold products worth UAH 75,1 billion or 2,5% of the total amount of goods realized by Ukrainian industry. The oblast traditionally makes up a significant portion of the total national production of such industrial products as electricity, crude oil, associated petroleum gas, timber (sawn or split lengthwise, sectioned or peeled, over 6 mm thick), machines for working wood, cork, bone and hard plastics.

Industry breakdown

Processing industry breakdown

Production of chemical substances and chemical products 22,8%
Manufacture of rubber and plastic goods, other non-metal mineral products 12,8%
Manufacture of wood products, production of paper and printing 8,0%
Machine manufacturing, excluding repair and installation of machines and equipment 4,9%
Production of food, drinks and tobacco products 4,7%
Metallurgical production, production of finished metal products, except for machines and equipment 0,7%
Textile manufacture, manufacture of clothes, leather, products made of leather and other materials 0,7%
other 1,4%

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises are developing in almost all sectors of the region`s economy and are characterized by sustainable development.

According to the rating Ivano-Frankivsk region was recognized as one of the most comfortable regions of Ukraine for starting and doing business in 2018 and 2019

The sector of small and medium-sized enterprises of the region employs 175,600 people. Medium and small enterprises make up 99,9% of all economically active enterprises of the region. The number of small enterprises per 10,000 residents is 58 entities and the number of medium-sized ones is 2 entities.

  • 52,000 business entities
  • 8,300 enterprises
  • 44,300 individual entrepreneurs

The region has a well-developed infrastructure to support small and medium-sized enterprises, public organizations of business entities. 24 administrative service centers, 16 taxpayer service centers have been functioning effectively. The development of business is facilitated by the introduction of various innovative technologies: e-services at administrative service centers, the electronic reporting system in the bodies of state statistics and state tax service.

Number of enterprises by activities

Total 8300
Agriculture, forestry and fishery 926
Industry 1428
Construction 1149
Wholesale and retail trade; vehicle and motorcycle repair 2030
Transport, storage facilities, postal and courier services 299
Temporary accommodation and catering 236
Information and telecommunications 241
Finance and insurance 77
Real estate operations 744
Professional, scientific and technical activities 484
Administrative and supplementary support services 355
Education 51
Healthcare and social services 150
Sports, entertainment and leisure 38
Other services 92