Alternative energy

Potential of the renewable energy sources is about 1 million tonne of oil equivalent.

  • 37% – biomass potential cattle breeding crop farming wood waste from logging wood waste from wood production enterprises (sawdust)
  • 20% – geothermal energy potential
  • 17% – wind energy potential Annual wind speed – 5.5 m/s
  • 17% – solar energy potential
  • 11% – hydropower potential of small rivers

Currently on the territory of the region function: 44 industrial solar power stations with the total capacity more than 128 МВт

biogas plant with the capacity of 1,2 МВт

first stage of the wind power stations with the capacity of 0,6 МВт

Electricity production of renewable energy facilities accounts for 1,7% of the total amount of electricity produced in the region. This volume covers 10% of the energy consumption by the region’s population.Also today, more than 1100 private households have connected to the electric networks of JSC Prykarpattiaoblenergo (4th place among the regions in the number of installed solar power stations and 3rd place in the capacity of installed solar power stations). Their total capacity is about 27 МВт.

Particular attention is being paid to issues of energy saving, reducing or replacing consumption of natural gas, its efficient use, ensuring greater energy independence of specific facilities and the entire region. . In order to enhance the energy efficiency of the oblast, it is planned to channel resources into such projects as introducing an energy management system into the public sector in compliance with ISO 50001; reducing dependence of heat generation systems on natural gas and replacing it with local and alternative fuels; using solar thermal collectors for heating water in public sector buildings; developing the alternative energy sector, etc.