Why Ivano-Frankivsk region?

    Ivano-Frankivsk region is a unique and self-sufficient region, which combines European values and centuries-old national traditions. The major priority of the region development is to ensure the wellbeing and a high quality of life for the present and future generations in the context of building a competitive and innovative economy based on cultural traditions, natural features and regional advantages.

    The economy of the region is rather diversified. Major industries in the economy include agriculture, electricity generation, production of construction materials, extractive and processing industries, and trade.

    Successful cooperation with foreign investors has resulted in a number of new production facilities, constructed or technologically modernized in the region in such sectors as mechanical engineering, wood processing, chemicals, agriculture and alternative energy.

    The region has taken leading positions in the investment attractiveness rating of Ukrainian regions over recent years. Investments come from non-residents from almost 50 international countries. European Union countries are given priority in investing in the economy of Ivano-Frankivsk Region.